15 Fun-Filled Activities For St Patricks Day Delight

Activities for St Patricks Day are not just about donning green attire; they’re about creating lasting memories with family and friends. From spirited parades to creative crafts, our list encompasses a diverse range of options to ensure everyone can partake in the merriment. These handpicked St Patrick’s day activities are designed to infuse your St. Patrick’s Day with laughter, joy, and a touch of Irish magic.

15 Activities For St Patricks Day To Create Excitement

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the anticipation for vibrant celebrations and cultural revelry is palpable. Whether you’re hosting a party, spending time with family, or enjoying the day solo, these life advice promise to make your St. Patrick’s Day truly special.

St Patrick’s Day Activities for Schoolers

Tailored for youngsters, these activities for St Patricks Day from Custom Gifts UK promise to not only engage students but also infuse the school atmosphere with the enchantment of Irish culture. 

  • Leprechaun Trap

This hands-on activity encourages creativity as schoolers design and construct traps in the hopes of catching these mischievous beings. Incorporate elements like rainbows, gold, and shamrocks to make the traps visually appealing. 

  • Make Green Slime

This activity not only aligns with the St. Patrick’s Day theme but also allows schoolers to explore the fascinating world of chemistry in a fun and safe manner. Incorporate glitter and shamrock-shaped confetti to give the slime an extra festive flair. 

  • Hunting For Four-Leaf Clovers

Take the classroom outdoors for a nature-inspired activity by organizing a hunt for four-leaf clovers. This kind of activities for St Patricks Day not only encourages exploration and observation but also connects schoolers with the natural world.

Hunting For Four-Leaf Clovers
Hunting For Four-Leaf Clovers

  • Pot Of Gold Count

Scatter gold coin cutouts throughout the classroom and challenge schoolers to count and organize them. This numerical exercise not only enhances math skills but also ties into the theme of St. Patrick’s Day, making it a seamless addition to the repertoire of educational St Patrick’s Day classroom activities.

  • Reading Book About Leprechauns

Foster a love for literature by incorporating St. Patrick’s Day-themed books into the classroom. This activity not only introduces schoolers to the rich cultural heritage associated with St. Patrick’s Day but also promotes literacy skills.

Activities for St Patricks Day at Office

Inject a burst of Irish charm into the corporate setting this St. Patrick’s Day by organizing engaging and inclusive activities for St Patricks Day at the office. 

  • Cocktail Making Contest

Encourage team bonding and friendly competition with a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail-making contest where colleagues can showcase their mixology skills by creating Irish-inspired drinks. 

  • Terrarium Making

Employees can craft their own miniature green havens, incorporating elements like clovers and small decorative items. The resulting terrariums can serve as charming desk decor, offering a lasting reminder of activities for St Patricks Day.

Terrarium Making on St Patrick's Day at Office
Terrarium Making on St Patrick’s Day at Office

  • Cooking Workshop

For this St Patricks Day activity at Office, employees can participate in preparing and enjoying traditional Irish dishes, creating a shared culinary experience. This workshop aims at not only celebrating the richness of Irish cuisine but also provides an opportunity for coworkers to connect outside of typical work interactions.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Add a touch of excitement to the office with a St. Patrick’s Day-themed bingo game by customizing the bingo cards with Irish symbols, phrases, or St. Patrick’s Day-related activities. Colleagues can participate during breaks or downtime, creating a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere. 

  • Green Gift Baskets

Each member can create a basket filled with green-themed treats or tokens of appreciation. After the baskets are prepared, a draw can be organized for each person to receive a colleague’s thoughtfully crafted basket.

St Patrick’s Day Family Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is not only an occasion to revel in Irish traditions but also an opportunity for families to come together for fun and meaningful experiences. 

  • Watch Irish Movie

Begin your St. Patrick’s Day festivities by gathering the family for an Irish movie marathon that showcases the rich culture, folklore, and enchanting landscapes of Ireland. Incorporating a movie night into your family celebrations adds a cozy and enjoyable element to the list of activities for St Patricks Day.

  • Solve a St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

Gather the family around a table, distribute the word search puzzles, and witness the joy of discovery as they work together to complete the challenges. 

  • Eating Traditional Irish Meal

Transport your family’s taste buds to Ireland by preparing and enjoying a traditional Irish meal together. Sitting down to enjoy the meal becomes a moment of connection, turning a family dinner into a delightful and immersive activity among activities for St Patricks Day.

Traditional Irish Food
Traditional Irish Food

  • Decorating Cookies

Provide shamrock-shaped cookies, green icing, and an array of toppings, and let everyone unleash creativity with a St. Patrick’s Day cookie decorating session. This hands-on and delicious activity not only sparks artistic expression but also adds a sweet and visually appealing touch to the celebration.

  • Drink a Green Beer

Create a moment of shared joy as family members raise their glasses in a toast to St. Patrick’s Day. Incorporating green beverages is a spirited way to conclude your family’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a refreshing twist on traditional activities for St Patricks Day.

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The First St Patricks Day Celebration in London

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Gaelic League orchestrated St. Patrick’s Day concerts at prominent London venues like the Queen’s Hall and Holborn Hall. Notably, the choice to wear crosses instead of shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day hats during this era reflects a unique cultural nuance, underscoring the distinct traditions that marked these early celebrations. Activities for St Patricks Day were, even then, a bridge connecting the Irish community to their roots while adapting to the evolving landscape of London.

In the late 18th century, Irish coal-heavers in London used St. Patrick’s Day as a symbolic platform for a significant strike. Marching through Wapping and Shadwell, adorned with shamrocks, they established a tradition that fused cultural pride with social activism, reflecting the intertwining of St. Patrick’s Day activities with the social fabric of Irish immigrant communities.

St Patricks Day Celebration in london
St Patricks Day Celebration in london

The aftermath of World War II saw a surge in Irish migration to London, prompting a shift in the organizational landscape of activities for St Patricks Day. The Catholic Church and Irish County Associations took the reins, becoming the primary orchestrators of the celebrations. 

In a poignant turn of events, the onset of the IRA bombing campaign in London in 1972 led to the suspension of large-scale outdoor St. Patrick’s Day events. Only with the advent of the Peace process in the 1990s did a tentative revival take place, underscoring the resilience of the Irish spirit in the face of adversity. 

5 Steps to Host a Saint Patrick’s Day event

Hosting a successful Saint Patrick’s Day event requires careful planning and enthusiasm. In this guide, we will explore five essential steps to ensure your celebration is not only memorable but also captures the true spirit of the Irish. 

  • Make a budget

The foundation of a successful St. Patrick’s Day event lies in creating a realistic budget. Determine the scope of your celebration, accounting for venue costs, decorations, and potential activities for St Patricks Day. 

Allocating resources wisely ensures that you can offer a vibrant and enjoyable experience for attendees. Establishing a budget early on allows you to make informed decisions about the scale and scope of your event, ensuring that the event are both entertaining and well-executed.

  • Choose location

Selecting the right venue sets the stage for a festive St. Patrick’s Day gathering. Whether it’s a local community center, a pub, or even your backyard, the venue should complement the atmosphere you aim to create. A well-chosen location enhances the overall ambiance, contributing to the success of your event.

Saint Patrick’s Day event
Saint Patrick’s Day event

  • Prepare decorations and costumes

Infuse the venue with Irish charm by adorning it with thematic decorations. From shamrocks and green banners to leprechaun hats and clover-shaped accessories, a well-decorated space immerses attendees in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. You can encourage participants to join the festivities by donning costumes that reflect Irish culture. 

  • Make a list of activities for St Patricks Day

The heart of any event lies in the activities for St Patricks Day that bring people together. Create a diverse list of engaging pursuits, catering to various interests and age groups. Incorporate traditional Irish dances, music performances, and even a lively Irish-themed trivia.


In conclusion, these ideas for St Patricks Day serve as the vibrant threads that bind communities, families, and friends together in the spirit of Irish delight and celebration. As we revel in these activities for St Patricks Day, may the joy of St. Patrick’s celebration continue to flourish, uniting us in the shared experience of these fun-filled activities.