10+ Sweet Babys First Christmas Gifts For This Holiday

Happy little baby girl wearing pyjamas opening Christmas presents on her very first Christmas. Celebrating Xmas with kids at home

Baby’s First Christmas is an occasion filled with joy and excitement, and finding the perfect baby’s first Christmas gift ideas to mark this special milestone adds an extra layer of delight to the festivities. In this guide, we present a delightful selection of 10+ sweet babys first Christmas gifts, each chosen with care to encapsulate the spirit of the season. 

How Much Should You Spend On Babies First Christmas Gifts?

When it comes to allocating a budget for what to get babies for first Christmas, parents may find themselves contemplating the range of expenses involved. According to surveys, parents typically allocate an amount ranging between $100 and $300 for their babys first Christmas gifts. 

Grandparents, aunts, and uncles often allocate a budget ranging from $60 to $100 for baby’s first Christmas gift ideas. This collective effort ensures a diverse array of baby gift ideas, creating a well-rounded and delightful experience for the little one. 

First Christmas Gift Bakets for Baby
First Christmas Gift Bakets for Baby

Distant family members and friends can allocate a budget within the range of $40 to $80, acknowledging the importance of celebrating this milestone even from afar. This thoughtful gesture emphasizes the communal joy that surrounds the arrival of a new family member and ensures that the little one is surrounded by love and warmth during the holiday season.

Top Sweetest Babys First Christmas Gifts

As the holiday season beckons with its enchanting aura, the arrival of a new addition to the family amplifies the festive cheer, making Baby’s First Christmas a truly heartwarming celebration. The quest for the perfect babys first Christmas gifts becomes a joyous expedition, brimming with sentiment and thoughtful considerations.

Personalised Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Welcoming a new member to the family brings unparalleled joy, and the first Christmas together is a momentous occasion deserving of special commemoration with personalised Christmas gifts for baby’s first Christmas from Custom Gifts UK.

  • Personalised Storybook

With the baby’s name woven into the narrative and perhaps even their likeness illustrated within the pages, this customized storybook becomes a cherished bedtime ritual. Reading the Personalised story fosters a sense of wonder and excitement as the child grows, and perfect for babys first Christmas gifts for family.

  • Baby First Christmas Ornament

Hung on the family tree or displayed prominently in the home, these new baby gift ideas serve as a visual reminder of the joy and magic that surrounded Baby’s First Christmas, creating a tradition that can be revisited and treasured each holiday season.

  • Engraved Christmas Decoration

Engraved with the baby’s name, birthdate, or a heartfelt message, this Personalised decoration takes its place on the mantle, a side table, or a prominent spot in the home. This gift is suitable for parents to buy, making it ideal for baby’s first Christmas gift from parents.

Baby First Engraved Christmas Decoration
Baby First Engraved Christmas Decoration

  • Personalised First Christmas Pajamas

Wrap your little one in cozy warmth and festive spirit with Personalised First Christmas Pajamas. These adorable sleepwear sets are the best gifts for baby’s first Christmas from aunt. 

  • Babyprints Hanging Christmas Ornament

Capture the tiny imprints of your baby’s hands or feet with a Babyprints Hanging Christmas Ornament. It’s a touching way to immortalize the fleeting nature of babyhood and create a beautiful tradition that can be revisited each year.

  • Personalised Baby Building Blocks Christmas Bauble

This bauble not only adds a personal touch to your holiday decorations but also becomes a delightful playtime accessory for babys first Christmas gifts. As they grow, these building blocks can be a source of joy and entertainment.

Cute Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas

These carefully chosen baby’s first Christmas gifts not only bring joy to the little one but also infuse the holiday season with cuteness. 

  • Snowy Santa Baby Stocking Hat

Adorned with seasonal charm, this gift for baby on Christmas becomes an adorable focal point in holiday photos, capturing the essence of joy and celebration. 

  • Soft Building Blocks Teether Toy

Each block is adorned with vibrant colors and charming patterns, making it a delightful addition to babys first Christmas gifts. 

  • Wooden Baby Walker

As your little one takes their first wobbly steps, the walker becomes a symbol of growth and achievement, making it a timeless addition to baby’s first Christmas gift ideas.

Wooden Baby Walker for Baby
Wooden Baby Walker for Baby

  • Freshly Picked Moccasins

These tiny baby’s first Christmas gifts boy, crafted with care and adorned with delightful designs, make for an adorable addition to your little one’s wardrobe. Every wiggle of those tiny toes becomes a joyful reminder of the precious steps taken during this special time.

  • Itzy Ritzy Bitzy Crinkle Sensory Bunny

The sensory exploration facilitated by this charming bunny fosters cognitive development and adds an extra layer of delight to the babys first Christmas gifts. 

  • Christmas Play Mat

Adorned with cheerful holiday-themed illustrations, this play mat creates a designated space for Baby to explore and enjoy the magic of the season. 

4 Tips To Have A Magical Christmas With Newborn

Welcoming a newborn into the family during the holiday season brings an extra layer of joy, but it also calls for thoughtful planning to ensure a magical and stress-free Christmas. These tips are designed to create a festive atmosphere filled with warmth and joy, setting the stage for cherished memories and meaningful baby first Christmas gift ideas.

  • Avoid Overstimulation

One of the key considerations for a magical Christmas with a newborn is to avoid overstimulation. The holiday season often comes with an array of lights, sounds, and activities that may overwhelm a newborn. Opt for soft and soothing lights, gentle carols, and quiet moments to ensure that Baby’s First Christmas is a serene and enjoyable experience. 

  • Have A Plan For Late Nights

With newborns, late nights are inevitable, and planning for them can make a significant difference in your holiday experience. Embrace the late-night feedings and changings as opportunities for quiet bonding with your baby. 

Having a plan for late nights not only helps you navigate the challenges but also allows you to savor the intimate moments with your little one during their first Christmas. Consider having a basket of babys first Christmas gifts within reach, making these late-night interactions even more memorable.

Having A Magical Christmas With Newborn
Having A Magical Christmas With Newborn

  • Put You And Your Baby First

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of both you and your baby. Recognize your own limits and embrace the flexibility that comes with the early stages of parenthood.

You can choose events and activities that align with your baby’s schedule, and don’t hesitate to opt for quiet family moments over hectic celebrations. In doing so, you create an environment where you and your baby feel secure and cherished, fostering a sense of calmness and joy. 

  • Delegate As Much As You Can

Delegating tasks during the holiday season is a valuable strategy, especially with a newborn in tow. Enlist the help of family and friends for decorating, cooking, and other preparations, allowing you to focus on the essential moments with your baby. 

Delegating not only lightens your load but also ensures that you have the energy and time to fully engage in the festive spirit with your little one. Consider delegating the task of selecting and wrapping babys first Christmas gifts, turning it into a collaborative effort that adds an extra layer of joy to the holiday preparations.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect gifts for baby’s first Christmas is a heartwarming task that blends both thoughtful consideration and festive joy. So, let the spirit of generosity and the magic of the season guide you in selecting babys first Christmas gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.