A Guide to Make a DIY Advent Calendar as Christmas Gift Ideas For Son

Happy boy trying to guess his Christmas present while shaking it - holiday season concepts

As the festive season approaches, crafting a DIY Advent Calendar emerges as a heartfelt and creative way to infuse the spirit of Christmas gift ideas for son into the holiday festivities. Beyond the traditional decorations and festive lights, a DIY Advent Calendar offers a delightful and anticipatory countdown to Christmas Day, providing your son with daily surprises and small tokens of love.

Setting Up the Advent Gift Tradition as Christmas Gift Ideas For Son

Setting up an Advent Gift Calendar for your son during the festive season is a wonderful way to infuse the holiday with personalized gifts for sons for Christmas and turn the countdown into a series of joyous surprises.

  • Choose a Start Date

Begin the countdown on December 1st to synchronize with the traditional Advent calendar, allowing your son to unveil a new surprise each day until the grand celebration on Christmas Day. This thoughtful pacing of gifts enhances the holiday spirit and provides a consistent source of joy throughout the festive season, making the Christmas gift ideas for son a daily reminder of the love and care surrounding him.

  • Decide on the Duration

Whether it’s a 12-day countdown or a full 24-day Advent Calendar, tailoring the duration allows you to curate a diverse array of Christmas gift ideas for your son. This thoughtful planning ensures that each day brings a new and exciting surprise, maintaining the sense of anticipation and joy throughout the entire countdown.

  • Set a Budget

Establishing a budget for the Advent Gift Tradition is essential to ensure that the Christmas presents for your son align with your financial plan. This step encourages creativity in selecting thoughtful yet budget-friendly surprises, emphasizing the sentiment behind each gift rather than its monetary value. 

Crafting the DIY Advent Calendar as Christmas Gift Ideas For Son

From the initial steps of creating or purchasing the calendars to the daily exchange of carefully selected gifts, each element is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of giving gifts to sons for Christmas.

DIY Advent Calendar
DIY Advent Calendar

  • Create or Purchase Advent Calendars

The first step in crafting a DIY Advent Calendar is deciding whether to create the calendars from scratch or purchase pre-made ones. If opting for a homemade approach, explore creative materials, colors, and designs that resonate with the holiday theme and his tastes. Alternatively, if time is a constraint, selecting pre-made calendars provides a convenient canvas for personalization with a variety of pockets or compartments to hold the surprises. This initial decision sets the foundation for a customized Christmas gift ideas for son that aligns with the festive spirit.

  • Assign Days

Once you have the Advent Calendars ready, the next step is to assign specific days to each pocket or compartment. Aligning the assigned days with significant events or themes adds an extra layer of personalization, making the Christmas present ideas for son not only exciting but also meaningful in the context of his daily life.

  • Select or Create Gifts

The heart of the DIY Advent Calendar lies in the selection or creation of the gifts. Tailor each surprise to reflect your son’s hobbies, interests, and preferences. Whether it’s small trinkets, handmade crafts, or thoughtful notes, the Christmas gift ideas for son should evoke joy and resonate with his personality. 

  • Wrap or Present the Gifts

The presentation of the gifts contributes significantly to the overall impact of the DIY Advent Calendar. You can experiment with creative wrapping paper, ribbons, or thematic decorations that enhance the visual appeal.

  • Personalize the Gifts

Infuse a personal touch into each gift by tailoring them to your son’s preferences. Incorporate elements such as his favorite colors, quotes, or symbols that hold sentimental value. Handwritten notes, small drawings, or custom touches add an extra layer of intimacy, making the gifts for sons for Christmas a reflection of the unique bond you share.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments
Personalized Christmas Ornaments

  • Exchange Gifts Daily

Establish a daily routine of exchanging Christmas gift ideas for son from the Advent Calendar. This consistent interaction builds anticipation and joy, transforming the act of opening each pocket or compartment into a cherished moment.

  • Enjoy the Tradition

As the Advent Calendar unfolds, relish in the joy of the tradition you’ve crafted. Witness the delight on your son’s face as he discovers each carefully chosen gift. Embrace the shared moments of excitement and laughter, creating memories that extend beyond the material surprises.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Son for the Advent Calendar

The holiday season is a time of joy, and what better way to spread cheer than with a Christmas Advent Calendar filled with thoughtful and surprise gift ideas for a son? Each carefully chosen Christmas gift ideas for son brings a touch of festive magic, creating cherished moments as you count down to the most wonderful day of the year.

  • Day 1: Tiny treats or candies

Kickstart the Advent calendar on the first day with a burst of sweetness – tiny treats or candies that capture the essence of the season. This Xmas gift idea for son not only satisfies his sweet tooth but also sets the tone for the joyful days ahead, creating a delightful start to the festive countdown.

  • Day 2: Christmas Gloves and Socks

On the second day, gift your son cozy Christmas gloves and socks to keep him warm throughout the holiday season. This practical yet festive Christmas gift ideas for son ensures he stays snug while embracing the winter chill, all while adding a stylish touch to his winter wardrobe.

  • Day 3: Small Christmas teddy bear

Bring a cuddly surprise on the third day with a small Christmas teddy bear. This adorable Christmas gift for son serves as a festive companion, embodying the spirit of the season. 

  • Day 4: Small books

Encourage a love for reading on the fourth day by gifting small books that align with your son’s interests. These Christmas gift ideas for son provide a moment of relaxation and discovery, allowing him to unwind with a good book during the festive season. 

  • Day 5: Miniature Christmas Puzzle

Challenge his mind with a miniature Christmas puzzle on the fifth day. These engaging gifts for sons for Christmas combine festive imagery with the joy of problem-solving, creating moments of concentration and accomplishment. 

  • Day 6: Temporary Tattoos

Inject a bit of playful fun on the sixth day with temporary tattoos featuring Christmas motifs and symbols. These whimsical Christmas gift ideas for son allow him to embrace the holiday spirit in a unique and lighthearted way. 

Opening Advent Christmas Gifts
Opening Advent Christmas Gifts

  • Day 7: Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Transform his cozy moments on the seventh day with a gourmet hot chocolate mix. This Christmas present idea for son elevates his hot beverage experience, offering a delicious array of flavors and toppings. 

  • Day 8: Watching Christmas Movie together

Create a bonding experience on the eighth day by watching a Christmas movie together. These shared Christmas gift ideas for son not only bring joy through storytelling and laughter but also strengthens the familial bonds that make the holiday season so special. 

  • Day 9: Cookie Mix Jar

This DIY Christmas gift for son includes all the dry ingredients needed to make delicious cookies. It combines the joy of baking with the warmth of homemade treats, creating a delightful and interactive holiday activity.

  • Day 10: Cozy Winter Blanket

Embrace the winter chill on the tenth day with a cozy winter blanket. These practical Christmas gift ideas for son ensure he stays warm and snug during the colder nights. Choose a blanket with festive patterns or his favorite colors to add a touch of holiday magic to his living space.

  • Day 11: Gourmet Snack Selection

Delight his taste buds on the eleventh day with a gourmet snack selection. This Christmas gift for son includes an assortment of high-quality snacks, chocolates, or nuts that cater to his preferences. 

  • Day 12: Personalized Clocks

Conclude the 12 days of Advent with a timeless gift on the twelfth day – personalized clocks. This Christmas gift ideas for son adds a touch of sophistication to his living space while serving as a lasting reminder of the festive countdown. 


Crafting a DIY Advent calendar is not only a creative endeavor but also an opportunity to tailor each day’s surprise to your son’s preferences, making it a unique and memorable experience. The carefully curated Christmas gift ideas for son for the Advent calendar bring joy and anticipation, creating a festive atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of giving. As the Advent calendar unfolds, consider exploring options from Custom Gifts UK to add an extra layer of personalization and uniqueness to the surprises.