15 Easter Gift Ideas For Kids That Sprinkle Excitement

Embark on a delightful journey of discovering 15 Easter gift ideas for kids, meticulously curated to sprinkle excitement throughout the upcoming holiday season. With each carefully selected gift, our mission is to ignite the spark of delight in every child’s heart, transforming this Easter into an enchanting and memorable experience.

The Most Popular Candies For Sweet Tooth Kids

In the lead-up to the Easter festivities, Instacart has unveiled a comprehensive list detailing America’s preferred Easter candies, quantified by volume. Within this assortment of confectionery delights, carefully curated with a serious consideration of taste and popularity, lies an opportunity to craft well-received Easter gift ideas for kids.

  • Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunnies

According to recent statistics, these delectable delights account for a significant portion of Easter candy sales. When considering Easter gifts for babies and kids, these classic treats not only bring delightful confections but also enhance the overall appeal of any Easter basket.

  • Starburst Jellybeans

In recent years, Starburst Jellybeans have emerged as a modern classic in the world of Easter candies, consistently ranking high in popularity. Statistical data reveals a noteworthy surge in their sales, making them a standout choice for inclusion in Easter gift ideas for kids. 

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, favored by those craving the perfect chocolate and peanut butter union, have experienced a remarkable year-over-year surge in demand. When contemplating Easter egg gift ideas for toddler, these eggs offer a combination of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter that is universally beloved.

  • Big Chewy Nerds Jelly Beans

In the evolving landscape of Easter candies, Big Chewy Nerds Jelly Beans have carved a niche for themselves. Statistical trends highlight a growing preference among kids for these oversized, chewy delights that brings a playful and modern twist to traditional offerings.

  • Cadbury Mini Eggs

The iconic Cadbury Mini Eggs, renowned for encapsulating chocolatey delight in pastel-hued shells, consistently rank high in popularity according to recent market statistics, making them a must-have for Easter gift ideas for kids. Their smooth milk chocolate exterior and crisp candy shell create a delightful contrast that appeals to all ages.

Popular Easter Candies
Popular Easter Candies

  • Robin Eggs

A colorful and festive addition to the Easter candy lineup, Robin Eggs bring a burst of vibrancy and flavor to the celebration. These eggs, reminiscent of the robin’s eggs found in nests, contribute to a visually appealing and thematic presentation, making them an ideal choice for Easter gift ideas for child.

  • Cadbury Caramel Eggs

The gooey caramel center encased in smooth milk chocolate creates a truly decadent treat, making these eggs a standout choice for elevating the Easter gifting experience and ensuring that every bite is a moment of pure indulgence for the young ones.

  • Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

Indulging the taste buds of sweet-toothed youngsters, Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs have become an iconic Easter treat renowned for their perfect fusion of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter. Recent sales volume data attests to their unwavering popularity, making them a standout inclusion in Easter gift ideas for kids. 

  • Solid Milk Chocolate Bunnies

The smooth and velvety texture of solid milk chocolate, molded into the shape of adorable bunnies, creates a sensory delight that embodies the spirit of the season. Including these iconic bunnies in Easter gift ideas is a nod to tradition and a surefire way to infuse the festivities with the timeless joy of indulging in premium chocolate.

  • Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs

Adding a touch of whimsy and anticipation to the Easter experience, Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs bring a burst of color and flavor to the festivities. The foil-wrapped exterior conceals delectable chocolate within, creating a delightful surprise that combines aesthetics with taste, making it an ideal addition to Easter gift ideas for kids.

15 Creative Easter Gift Ideas For Kids Filled With Joy

As the blossoms of spring herald the arrival of Easter, the pursuit of the perfect gifts for kids becomes an enchanting quest filled with joy and creativity. In this guide, Custom Gifts UK has presented 15 Creative Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers that promise to elevate the celebration and spark endless smiles. 

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids With No Candy

As the season of renewal approaches, these thoughtful alternatives for Easter gift ideas for kids promise to bring joy and excitement without the need for sweets. 

  • Bumbumz Succulent Bean Bag Plush Toy

This adorable and huggable plant-inspired plushie brings a touch of nature indoors, serving as a unique and lasting Easter gift idea for kids. The plush toy not only captures the imagination with its whimsical design but also provides a cozy companion for little ones. 

  • Mini Rubik Cube

This classic puzzle provides hours of entertainment, fostering cognitive development in a playful manner. The compact size of the cube makes it a perfect addition to Easter gift ideas for kids, offering a tangible and screen-free alternative for kids.

  • Stress Relief Squish Eggs

Introduce a touch of sensory delight to Easter celebrations with Stress Relief Squish Eggs. These squishy, textured eggs serve as a delightful stress-relief tool for kids, providing a tactile and calming experience. Including these eggs in Easter egg gift ideas for toddler not only addresses the need for sensory play but also promotes emotional well-being.

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit

Packed with natural sweetness and vibrant colors, freeze-dried fruit offers a delicious and nutritious option without the need for added sugars. Including these wholesome snacks in Easter gift ideas for kids not only promotes healthier choices but also introduces young ones to the joy of exploring diverse and delicious flavors during the holiday season.

Nutritious Freeze-Dried Fruit
Nutritious Freeze-Dried Fruit

  • Kid’s Kitchen Tools 

Colorful utensils and child-sized aprons in Easter gift ideas for child aren’t just practical but also an invitation to explore the joys of cooking, fostering a hands-on approach to creativity. Gifting tools designed for kids sparks excitement about culinary adventures, providing an avenue for bonding and skill development during Easter celebrations.

  • Kite

Including this classic outdoor activity in Easter gift ideas for kids transforms the celebration into a day of adventure and play. As children launch their kites into the sky, they engage with the exhilarating freedom of the open air. 

  • Cookie Cutters

Elevate the joy of Easter with the whimsical charm of Cookie Cutters, an imaginative addition to Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers. As they embark on cookie-making adventures, the experience becomes a blend of creativity, learning, and, most importantly, joy. 

  • Easter Stickers

Unleash the artistic flair within every child with the inclusion of Easter Stickers in the array of Easter gift ideas for kids. Easter Stickers not only provide endless entertainment but also serve as a versatile addition to various activities, from crafting personalized cards to decorating Easter eggs.

Exquisite Books for Kids Easter Gift Ideas

As looking for Easter gift ideas for child, this list of enchanting books not only captivates young minds but also offers a timeless and cherished gift for the Easter season.

  • We’re Going on an Egg Hunt – Martha Mumford & Laura Hughes

Elevate your Easter gift ideas for kids with the delightful adventure depicted in “We’re Going on an Egg Hunt” by Martha Mumford and illustrated by Laura Hughes. This charming tale follows a group of adorable characters as they embark on an egg hunt, encountering various obstacles and delightful surprises along the way. 

  • Happy Easter, Curious George – H.A. Rey

Unleash the mischievous charm of Curious George in “Happy Easter, Curious George” by H.A. Rey, a heartwarming addition to Easter gift ideas for preschoolers. In this delightful tale, Curious George celebrates Easter with his signature curiosity and exuberance, turning the holiday into a whimsical adventure. 

  • Pick a Perfect Egg – Patricia Toht

Make Easter gift ideas for kids unforgettable with “Pick a Perfect Egg” by Patricia Toht. This delightful book celebrates the art of decorating Easter eggs, inviting young readers to explore the creative and colorful process of egg decoration.

  • Peter’s First Easter – Beatrix Potter

The gentle narrative and charming illustrations by Beatrix Potter create a captivating story that resonates across generations. As children follow Peter Rabbit’s adventures, they not only witness the magic of Easter but also become immersed in the rich world of Beatrix Potter’s storytelling, making it a gift that combines tradition with the joy of discovering literary treasures.

Best Easter Books for Kids
Best Easter Books for Kids

  • 10 Easter Colouring Bookmarks

This delightful book offers a unique blend of coloring and reading, allowing children to engage with their favorite stories while expressing their artistic flair. Including “10 Easter Colouring Bookmarks” in your Easter gift ideas for kids not only encourages a love for books but also offers a creative outlet, making the holiday an enriching and enjoyable experience for young bibliophiles.

  • The Story of Easter – Fiona Boon

This beautifully illustrated book takes children on a journey through the biblical story of Easter, from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the joyous celebration of his resurrection. Fiona Boon skillfully weaves the narrative, making it accessible for young readers while maintaining the spiritual significance of the holiday.

  • Paddington’s Easter Egg Hunt

Join the beloved bear in “Paddington’s Easter Egg Hunt,” a heartwarming tale that adds a touch of adventure to your Easter gift ideas for kids. In this charming story, Paddington Bear embarks on an exciting Easter egg hunt, showcasing his endearing antics and capturing the spirit of the holiday. 

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5 Exciting Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Your Kids

As the anticipation of Easter builds, these creative twists on the classic egg hunt promise to add an extra layer of joy and surprise alongside Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers.

  • Easter Eggs Filled With Gifts

From tiny toys to stickers, this Easter Egg Hunt Idea adds an extra layer of excitement as children discover not only colorful eggs but also delightful treasures within. Through this activity, you will present an opportunity for kids to receive personalized Easter gift ideas for kids, turning the holiday into a memorable and cherished experience.

  • Hunt for Lunch

Instead of filling eggs with gifts or candy for kids, include clues leading to various components of a meal. From the appetizer to the main course and dessert, this culinary twist on the egg hunt engages children in a delightful scavenger hunt for the ingredients of their Easter lunch. 

  • Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

As they piece together the puzzle, children unveil the location of a hidden treasure—a larger Easter gift or a collection of special treats. This Easter Egg Hunt Idea not only sparks excitement but also fosters camaraderie and problem-solving skills, creating an unforgettable Easter adventure.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Your Kids
Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Your Kids

  • Lucky Number Easter Eggs

Assign each egg a unique number and present participants with corresponding tickets or cards. After the egg hunt, draw numbers to determine the winners of special prizes or treats. By incorporating your Easter gift ideas for kids into Lucky Number Easter Eggs, you create an engaging and thrilling experience, where every egg holds the potential for a lucky surprise.

  • Reverse The Roles Easter Egg Hunt

Add a playful twist to the traditional egg hunt with the Reverse The Roles Easter Egg Hunt, a whimsical idea that will have kids and adults swapping roles. Instead of children seeking hidden eggs, parents or older siblings become the egg hunters, scattering treats or small gifts throughout the designated area.


In conclusion, the exploration of Easter gift ideas for kids has been a delightful journey, weaving a tapestry of excitement and joy for the little ones during this special season. Each idea adds a unique flavor to the celebration, creating a symphony of happiness that resonates with the spirit of the season.