Top 24 Awesome Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Easter is around the corner, and the hunt for the perfect gifts for your little ones is on! If you’re wondering how to make this Easter memorable for your toddlers, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the top 24 awesome Easter gift ideas for toddlers that will bring joy to their faces. From toys that spark creativity to non-toy options that engage their senses, we’ve got you covered with unique and thoughtful suggestions for every parent. 

Top 24 Awesome Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Get ready with the top 24 gift for toddlers for Easter from! From creative toys to sensory delights, these picks are sure to make your little one’s Easter eggstra special. Let’s discover the perfect treats for tiny hands.

Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers On Easter

When it comes to toddlers, toys are always a hit. This Easter, consider gifting them something that not only entertains but also nurtures their growing minds. Here are some toy ideas that will surely make their eyes light up:

  • Plush Bunny

Soft, cuddly, and perfect for little hands, a plush bunny is a timeless Easter gift ideas for toddlers. It’s not just a toy; it becomes a companion, offering comfort and companionship during playtime and bedtime.

  • Carrot Puzzle

Introduce your toddler to the joy of solving puzzles with a carrot-shaped puzzle. It enhances their problem-solving skills while keeping them engaged in a fun and educational activity.

  • Easter Bunny Lacing Toy

Encourage fine motor skills development with a bunny lacing toy. This hands-on activity helps improve hand-eye coordination while allowing your toddler to express their creativity.

  • Easter Egg Toy Chicken

A colorful Easter egg that transforms into a playful chicken? This interactive toy sparks imagination and provides hours of amusement for toddlers who love surprises.

  • Easter Eggs

Classic gift always a hit, fill Easter eggs with small treats or toys. The joy of discovering what’s inside adds an element of excitement to their Easter egg hunt.

  • Easter Bubble Bath Bombs

Make bath time extra special with Easter-themed bubble bath bombs. These Easter gift ideas for toddlers create a sensory-rich experience for your toddler.

  • Make Your Own Playdough Mix

Unleash your toddler’s inner artist with a make-your-own playdough kit. It’s a hands-on, creative activity that stimulates their imagination and enhances sensory play.

  • Kinetic Sand

For a unique tactile experience, consider gifting kinetic sand. Moldable and mesmerizing, it provides a satisfying sensory experience that toddlers find both relaxing and entertaining.

  • Bath Toys

Transform bath time into an adventure with Easter-themed bath toys. From rubber duckies dressed as bunnies to floating Easter eggs, these toys add a splash of fun to every bath.

  • Bunny Basket

Cute Easter basket ideas for toddlers: Bunny basket – a delightful accessory for Easter festivities. Choose one with your toddler’s name for that extra touch of charm.

  • Creative Crafty Easter Basket

Fuel your toddler’s creativity with a crafty Easter basket. Filled with art supplies and DIY projects, it’s a gift that keeps on giving as they explore their artistic talents.

  • Kids Gardening Set

Introduce your little one to the wonders of nature with this Easter gift ideas for toddlers: a kids gardening set. It’s a fantastic way to teach them about plants and responsibility while fostering a love for the outdoors.

Plush Bunny
Plush Bunny becomes a companion, offering comfort and companionship during playtime and bedtime

Non Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers On Easter

If you’re looking to diversify your Easter gifts beyond toys, here are some non-toy ideas that will captivate your toddler’s attention and provide lasting memories:

  • Crayons

Unleash their creativity with a set of vibrant Easter-themed crayons. These not only encourage artistic expression but also make coloring a joyful and festive experience.

  • Easter Book

Instill a love for reading early on with an Easter-themed book. Choose a story that captures the magic of the season, creating cherished moments during bedtime reading sessions.

  • Easter Finger Puppets

Bring storytelling to life with Easter finger puppets. These adorable Easter gift ideas for toddlers add a playful dimension to imaginative play and storytelling sessions.

  • Easter Bunny Shirt

If you are looking for gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl on Easter, let your toddler showcase their Easter spirit with a cute and comfortable bunny-themed shirt. It’s a practical yet festive addition to their wardrobe.

  • Easter Bunny Snacks Tutorial

Get hands-on in the kitchen with your toddler and create Easter bunny snacks together. It’s a fun and delicious activity that results in tasty treats and wonderful memories.

  • Easter Pajamas

Celebrate the season with these gift for toddlers for Easter: Pajamas with Easter themed. Comfortable and stylish, these pajamas add a touch of festivity to bedtime routines.

  • Sidewalk Glitter Egg Chalk

Take creativity outdoors with sidewalk glitter egg chalk. Your toddler can create vibrant Easter-inspired masterpieces on the sidewalk, adding a touch of art to outdoor playtime.

  • Sunglasses

Shield their eyes in style with Easter-themed sunglasses. Practical and fun, these accessories add a playful touch to sunny days.

  • A Bedtime Hug for You

Give a comfortable Easter gift ideas for toddlers such as a cozy bedtime hug. Whether it’s a plush stuffed animal or a soft blanket, this gift provides a sense of security and warmth.

  • Acraftyonellc Baby Bunny Hat

Keep your toddler snug and stylish with a handmade bunny hat. Crafted with care, it adds an adorable touch to their Easter ensemble.

  • Activity Books

Enhance their learning journey with Easter-themed activity books. Packed with puzzles, coloring pages, and more, these gifts for toddler make education enjoyable.

  • Bunny Chalk

Add an artistic flair to outdoor play with bunny-shaped chalk. Perfect for sidewalk art, it encourages creativity and provides a unique twist to classic chalk play.

Easter Pajamas For Toddler
Comfortable and stylish, Easter Pajamas add a touch of festivity to bedtime routines

Things To Avoid When Choosing Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers

While the excitement of selecting Easter gift ideas for baby is contagious, it’s essential to be mindful of a few things to ensure the safety and joy of your little ones. Here’s a list of things to avoid when choosing Easter gift ideas for toddlers:

  • Small Parts

Steer clear of gifts with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Opt for age-appropriate toys and items with secure components.

  • Toxic Materials

Prioritize gifts made from non-toxic materials. Toddlers have a natural inclination to explore with their mouths, so ensuring the safety of every item is crucial.

  • Complicated Assembly

Avoid gifts that require intricate assembly. Opt for toys and activities that are easy for toddlers to enjoy independently or with minimal assistance.

  • Overly Stimulating

While sensory experiences are beneficial, be cautious of gifts that might be overly stimulating for your toddler. Choose items that balance excitement with age-appropriate engagement.

toy for toddler
Opt for toys and activities that are easy for toddlers

Where To Buy Easter Gifts For Toddlers?

Now that you have a list of fantastic Easter gift ideas, the next question is where to find them. Here are some convenient and reliable options for purchasing Easter gifts for toddlers:

  • Online stores

Explore online marketplaces and retailers that specialize in children’s toys and gifts. Websites like PersonalChic, Amazon, Etsy, and dedicated toy stores offer a wide range of Easter gift ideas for toddlers with the convenience of doorstep delivery.

  • DIY

For a personal touch, consider crafting your own gift. DIY projects allow you to tailor gifts to your toddler’s preferences and create meaningful items that they’ll cherish.

  • Local Store

Support local businesses and visit nearby toy stores or specialty shops. Local stores often carry unique and handmade items, providing a more personalized shopping experience.


This Easter, delight your toddlers with gifts that not only bring joy but also contribute to their growth and development. Remember to avoid potential hazards, prioritize safety, and choose gifts that align with your toddler’s age and interests. With the right Easter gift ideas for toddlers, you’re sure to create lasting memories and make this festive season extra special for your little ones.