Top 20 Unusual Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

Eid, a celebration of joy, love, and togetherness, deserves the perfect gifts for our little ones. In this article, we explore the charm behind Eid gift-giving and why choosing the right presents for kids holds unique importance. Join us on a journey of discovering exceptional Eid gift ideas for kids that not only bring smiles but also carry a deeper meaning for the young hearts celebrating this festive occasion.

What Makes Eid Gifts for Kids Special?

Eid, a term that resonates with festivity and unity, holds a profound significance in the Islamic calendar. As families come together to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the exchange of gifts becomes a cherished tradition. These gifts for kids have been carefully chosen go beyond material value. They symbolize love, thoughtfulness, and creating lasting memories and nurturing a sense of belonging among the young minds.

So, why not consider some unusual Eid gift ideas for kids that would make their holiday more special? The suggestions below are surely helpful for you.

Top 20 Unusual Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

This section simplifies the process, presenting 20 straightforward, unusual Eid gift ideas for childrens. Explore practical yet extraordinary options provided by that guarantee smiles.

Unique Gift Ideas for Kids on Eid

Go beyond the ordinary with unique Eid gifts for kids. This section cuts to the chase, offering straightforward ideas that resonate with the joyous spirit of Eid. Let’s discover presents that leave a lasting impression.

  • Eid Gift Boxes

Elevate the excitement with beautifully curated Eid gift boxes, filled with delightful surprises tailored for kids. These boxes not only contain toys and treats but also instill a sense of anticipation, making the celebration even more enchanting.

  • Arabic Alphabet Puzzle

Combine fun and learning with an Arabic Alphabet Puzzle, an Eid gift ideas for kids that promotes cognitive development while introducing the beauty of the Arabic language. Perfect for fostering a love for learning engagingly.

  • Eid Colouring Cards for Kids

Encourage creativity with Eid coloring cards designed for young artists. These cards not only serve as a canvas for imaginative expression but also convey heartfelt wishes, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

  • Personalized Eid Cadbury Chocolates

Sweeten the festivities with personalized Eid Cadbury chocolates. The joy of receiving a chocolate bar becomes even more special when it bears a personalized message or the child’s name, creating a delectable moment to remember.

  • Islamic Books

Immerse young minds in the rich heritage of Islamic stories with thoughtfully chosen books. These books not only entertain but also impart valuable lessons, creating Eid gift ideas for kids that nurtures both imagination and character.

  • Clothes

Dressing up for Eid holds a special allure for kids. Gift them stylish and comfortable outfits, making them feel not only festive but also adorably fashionable during the celebrations.

  • Eid Box

A treasure trove of joy, an Eid box filled with goodies and surprises is a delightful gift that captures the essence of the occasion. It’s a thoughtful Eid gifts for kids that brings unbridled excitement to the little ones.

  • Eid Pajamas

Extend the coziness of Eid into bedtime with themed Eid pajamas. These comfortable sleepwear gift ideas for boys add a touch of celebration to the nighttime routine, ensuring sweet dreams filled with joy.

  • Exciting Books

Explore the world of literature with books that cater to the diverse interests of children. From adventure tales to heartwarming stories, a carefully chosen book can be a source of inspiration for Eid gift ideas for kids.

  • Toys

From classic toys to the latest gadgets, the options are endless. Choose toys that align with the child’s interests, fostering hours of imaginative play and laughter.

  • Jewelry

Mark the occasion with a touch of elegance. Consider gifting simple yet charming jewelry pieces that resonate with the celebratory spirit of Eid.

Arabic Alphabet Puzzle For Childrens
Combine fun and learning with an Arabic Alphabet Puzzle

Personalized Eid Gift Ideas for Childrens

Make this Eid memorable with personalized gifts that speak volumes. Here, we present a collection of DIY Eid gift ideas for childrens, keeping it simple and practical. These ideas let you tailor presents to individual preferences.

  • DIY Eid Gift Ideas

Miraj Audio Stories: Dive into the world of captivating audio stories that bring Islamic tales to life. With Miraj Audio Stories, children can listen, learn, and be entertained, making this Eid gift ideas for kids a delightful combination of education and fun.

  • My First Quran Storybook

Nurture a love for the Quran with a storybook designed for young readers. Each page unfolds a new lesson, fostering a connection with the sacred text in an engaging and accessible way.

  • Personalized Eid Mubarak Gift Bag

Add a personal touch to gift-giving with customized Eid Mubarak gift bags. These bags not only enhance the presentation but also convey a heartfelt message, making the Eid gift ideas for girls even more meaningful.

  • A Stationary Set

Encourage creativity and organization with a personalized stationery set. From notebooks to pens, a thoughtful stationary collection becomes a valuable companion for a child’s daily activities.

  • Arabic Alphabet Magpad

Combine learning and play with an Arabic Alphabet Magpad, an interactive tool that introduces the letters of the Arabic alphabet in a fun and engaging manner.

  • Desi Doll Company

Explore the charming world of Desi Doll Company, where dolls and accessories celebrate diversity and cultural richness. These dolls make for unique and culturally significant Eid gift ideas for kids that resonate with the spirit of Eid.

  • DIY Eid Banner Paint Kit

Unleash creativity with a DIY Eid banner paint kit. This Eid gift ideas for childrens not only serves as a fun project for kids but also results in a vibrant banner that adds a festive touch to the celebrations.

  • Eid Mubarak Cups

Elevate the dining experience with personalized Eid Mubarak cups. Whether used for beverages or as decorative items, these cups add a touch of celebration to every sip.

  • Eid Money Envelopes

Transform the tradition of giving Eidi into a personalized experience with custom Eid money envelopes. These envelopes not only make the exchange of gifts more exciting but also carry a sense of thoughtfulness.

Personalized Eid Mubarak Gift Bag
Add a personal touch to gift-giving with customized Eid Mubarak gift bags

Where to Buy Eid Gifts for Kids?

Navigating the plethora of options for Eid gift ideas for kids can be overwhelming. To simplify the process, consider the following places for finding the perfect gifts:

  • Local Gift Shops: Explore your local gift shops, as they often carry unique and curated collections for festive occasions.
  • Online Marketplaces: Embrace the convenience of online shopping by browsing through popular marketplaces that specialize in unique and personalized Eid gifts for kids. Some popular brands have reasonable prices such as PersonalChic, Amazon, Etsy,…
  • Specialty Islamic Stores: Explore stores that focus on Islamic gifts, ensuring a thoughtful selection that aligns with the cultural and religious aspects of Eid.


In conclusion, choosing the right Eid gift ideas for kids is not just about the item itself; it’s about creating moments of joy and instilling a sense of cultural identity. From personalized gifts to educational toys, the options are vast and varied. This Eid, let the Eid gift ideas for childrens you choose reflect the love, warmth, and blessings that define the essence of this festive occasion. Explore the diverse array of options, and may your Eid celebrations be filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories for the little ones.