Ultimate Guide to Funny Baby Shower Gifts & Games

From funny baby shower gifts for parents to amusing tokens for guests, this guide explores creative and light-hearted ways to say thank you and infuse laughter into the festivities.

What Is The Average Gift For A Baby Shower?

The average gift for a baby shower typically falls in the $20 to $50 range, with guests opting for practical items like baby clothes, blankets, or diapers. Close family or friends may choose more substantial gifts, ranging from nursery furniture to high-ticket items. 

funny baby shower gifts
What Is The Average Gift For A Baby Shower?

Group gifting has also become popular, allowing guests to collectively contribute to larger, more meaningful presents from the baby registry. Ultimately, the value of the funny baby shower gifts varies based on individual relationships, preferences, and cultural norms.

Funny Baby Shower Gifts for Parents and Guests

Whether it’s a humorous gift for the parents or a funny token for guests, infusing laughter into the baby shower festivities creates a memorable and joyful atmosphere. These funny baby shower gifts are sure to be a hit and leave everyone with fond memories of the celebration.

Funny Baby Shower Gift For Mom

While mom-to-be is preparing for the exciting journey of motherhood, lighten the mood with funny baby shower gifts that will have her laughing out loud. These gifts not only bring joy but also serve as a reminder that a good sense of humor is a valuable parenting asset.

  • Mommy Brain Mug: Gift a mug that humorously acknowledges the infamous “mommy brain.” With quirky illustrations and witty phrases, this mug will be a daily reminder that forgetfulness is just part of the parenting adventure.
  • Baby Brain Pregnancy Journal: Provide a pregnancy journal with humorous prompts that playfully capture the ups and downs of pregnancy brain. From forgetting where keys are to putting the milk in the pantry, this journal becomes a hilarious keepsake.
  • Pregnancy Pillow with a Funny Twist: Upgrade the typical pregnancy pillow with a humorous twist. Add playful prints or quotes that highlight the challenges and comforts of sleeping while pregnant. It’s a practical and funny baby thoughtful gifts for a well-deserved rest.
  • Parenting Guidebook Parody: Create a parody guidebook on parenting with a humorous spin. Include funny tips, anecdotes, and illustrations that bring laughter and lightness to the sometimes overwhelming world of parenthood.
  • Customized Onesies with Funny Quotes: Gift a set of onesies with amusing and witty quotes that reflect the baby’s perspective. From “I Make the Rules Now” to “Napping is My Cardio,” these onesies will have everyone in stitches.

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Funny Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Dads deserve a good laugh too! Explore these funny baby shower gifts designed to add humor to the dad-to-be’s journey into fatherhood. From quirky accessories to playful gadgets, these gifts bring joy and camaraderie to the celebration.

  • Dad Bod Survival Kit: Create a survival kit that humorously acknowledges the impending dad bod. Include items like snacks, a funny workout DVD, and a “Dad Bod Champion” mug. It’s a lighthearted way to embrace the changes that come with fatherhood.
  • Dad Joke Diaper Bag: Opt for a diaper bag adorned with dad jokes and puns. It not only serves as a practical accessory but also adds a touch of humor to the daily routine of diaper changes and baby care.
  • New Dad Toolbox: Curate a toolbox filled with “essential” tools for the new dad. Include items like baby wipes, pacifiers, and a manual with comical instructions. This funny and functional gift will have the dad-to-be ready for any parenting challenge.
  • Customized Dad-to-Be T-Shirt: Design a personalized T-shirt that celebrates the dad-to-be with a humorous twist. From clever dad quotes to funny illustrations, this shirt will become a favorite wardrobe piece during the parenting adventure.

funny baby shower gifts
Customized Dad-to-Be T-Shirt

  • Parenting Comic Book: Create a comic book that humorously depicts the journey of becoming a dad. Illustrate everyday parenting scenarios with a touch of comedy, providing a funny baby shower gifts for the dad-to-be.

Funny Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Guests

Thanking your guests with funny baby shower gifts adds an element of amusement to the celebration. These quirky and light-hearted tokens express your gratitude while bringing smiles to the faces of those who joined in the joyous occasion.

  • Baby Bottle Shot Glasses: Gift baby bottle-shaped shot glasses for a playful twist on traditional drinkware. Add a tag that says “Sip, Sip, Hooray! Thanks for Celebrating with Us!” to make it a memorable and amusing keepsake.
  • Pacifier Lollipops: Create lollipop treats using pacifiers as the stick. Attach a note saying “Thanks for Popping By!” for a sweet and funny way to express your gratitude to guests.
  • DIY Baby Shower Survival Kits: Assemble mini survival kits for guests, including items like candy for a sugar boost, mints for a fresh start, and a small toy for a moment of playfulness. Add a tag that reads “Thanks for Surviving the Baby Shower!”
  • Baby Shower Mad Libs: Create baby shower-themed Mad Libs for guests to enjoy. It’s funny baby shower gifts to express your thanks, and guests can fill them out during the party for added amusement.
  • Baby Onesie Cookies: Bake and decorate baby onesie-shaped cookies with funny and witty sayings. Package them in cute bags with a note saying “Thanks for Making the Shower Sweeter!”

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Easy Funny Baby Shower Games

Beyond funny baby shower gifts, if you’re looking for easy and entertaining ways to keep the celebration light-hearted, consider incorporating these funny baby shower games into your festivities. 

  • Baby Pictionary: Divide the guests into teams and provide each team with a stack of index cards and markers. On each card, write down baby-related words or phrases (e.g., diaper, stroller, pacifier). Teams take turns choosing a card and drawing the word or phrase while their teammates try to guess what it is. 

funny baby shower gifts
Baby Pictionary

  • Baby Name Emoji Game: Alongside with funny baby shower gifts, create a list of popular baby names and represent each name using emojis. Distribute the list to the guests and have them try to guess the baby names based on the emojis provided. The person with the most correct guesses wins a funny and baby-themed prize.
  • Diaper Derby: Prepare several baby dolls or stuffed animals and diapers. Blindfold the participants and have them race to see who can diaper the baby doll the fastest. The catch? They must do it blindfolded, relying on their sense of touch and humor.


In the journey of parenthood, laughter becomes a cherished companion, and what better way to start this adventure than with funny baby shower gifts?  So, let the laughter echo through the baby shower, leaving everyone with warm memories and a heart full of thanks for the shared laughter and love.