20 Funny Gift Ideas For Boyfriend To Keep The Laughter Rolling

Prepare to embark on a journey of laughter and joy as we present you with 20 funny gift ideas for boyfriend. These hilarious and whimsical gifts are not just tokens of affection; they are the secret sauce to bring smiles, chuckles, and maybe even a hearty belly laugh to your boyfriend’s face. 

Funny Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Birthdays are special, and what better way to celebrate than by gifting your boyfriend a dose of humor wrapped in hilarity? This collection of funny birthday gift ideas for boyfriend promises to add an extra layer of joy to the occasion, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

  • Kanye Tweet Funny Coffee Mug

This comical and personalized touch ensures that every sip comes with a side of laughter, making it the perfect addition to his daily routine. It’s not just a mug; it’s a conversation starter and a reminder of the lighter side of life.

  • Your Face On His Crotch Underwear

Every glance in the mirror will bring a smile to his face as he realizes the humor and thoughtfulness behind this unique gesture. It’s a funny and intimate way to celebrate his birthday, making it an unforgettable addition to funny gift ideas for boyfriend from Custom Gifts UK.

  • Personalized 3D Printed LEGO Heads

Whether it’s a funny expression, his signature look, or a quirky pose, these funny gifts for boyfriend add a playful touch to his desk, reminding him that birthdays are not just about growing older but also about embracing the fun and youthful spirit within.

  • Scratch Off Naughty Birthday Card

Unveil playful messages with this interactive card, as your boyfriend scratches off cheeky surprises, creating moments of laughter and a hint of embarrassment. This quirky twist on the conventional birthday card adds an element of joyous discovery to the celebration, making it a lively addition to funny gift ideas for boyfriend.

Amusing Scratch Off Birthday Card
Amusing Scratch Off Birthday Card

  • Personalized Boxer with Your Face

This funny and cheeky gift for him is both playful and personal, turning a practical item into a source of amusement. It’s a surefire way to add a touch of humor to his daily routine and make him chuckle every time he gets dressed.

  • Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

Elevate the bathroom experience with a roll of Happy Birthday Toilet Paper. This quirky and amusing gift idea brings a festive vibe to an unexpected place, turning a mundane daily activity into a humorous celebration. As he unravels each sheet, he’ll be greeted with birthday wishes and playful messages, ensuring a smile even during the most routine moments.

  • Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters

These funny gift ideas for boyfriend show that laughter and nature can go hand in hand. The self-watering feature adds a practical touch to these amusing planters, making them a delightful and entertaining addition to his home or office.

Hilarious Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

This year, add an extra dose of laughter to the festivities by surprising your loved one with funny Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend that are bound to tickle his funny bone and create cheerful memories.

  • Slap Activated Butt Light

As he slaps the light to turn it on, a whimsical image of a buttocks lights up, adding a touch of comedy to everyday activities. These funny gift ideas for boyfriend bring joy and humor into his space, making the Christmas season brighter in more ways than one.

  • Giant Personalized Face Pillows

Turn the gift of comfort into a giggle-inducing delight with Giant Personalized Face Pillows. These fun Christmas gift for him ideas bring a playful touch to his relaxation time and serve as a humorous addition to the holiday decor.

  • Trout Flip Flops

Step into the holiday spirit with Trout Flip Flops, the perfect blend of quirky fashion and humor. These fish-shaped footwear pieces add a playful and unexpected element to his wardrobe, making them a standout accessory during Christmas gatherings. 

  • Dumbbell Drinking Glass

Combine fitness and fun with the Dumbbell Drinking Glass—a witty and amusing addition to his drinkware collection. These funny gift ideas for boyfriend not only showcase your sense of humor but also serve as a reminder that staying hydrated can be both amusing and enjoyable during the festive season.

Dumbbell Drinking Glass for Boyfriend
Dumbbell Drinking Glass for Boyfriend

  • Beer Puffer Jackets

These mini-sized jackets fit snugly around beer or soda cans, adding a hilarious twist to his drink of choice. Whether he’s enjoying a cozy night by the fireplace or joining in the festive celebrations, these funny boyfriend gift ideas for Christmas provide a playful way to dress up his drinks.

  • Hammer Shaped Bottle Openers

Shaped like a hammer, these bottle openers are a unique addition to his barware collection, showcasing your knack for finding funny gift ideas for boyfriend that are both functional and entertaining.

  • Beard Lights

Illuminate the festive season with humor by gifting your boyfriend Beard Lights—a whimsical accessory that turns his facial hair into a dazzling display of lights. These clip-on beard lights add a touch of holiday spirit to his appearance, making him the center of attention at Christmas gatherings.

Fun Valentine Gift Ideas for Him to Spark Joy and Love

Celebrate love with a touch of humor by exploring these fun Valentine gift ideas for boyfriend that not only express your affection but also tickle his funny bone.

  • Chocolate Game Controller

Level up your Valentine’s Day celebration with a sweet and playful twist by gifting him a Chocolate Game Controller. These funny gift ideas for boyfriend become not just a delightful treat but also a clever and amusing way to playfully prank your gaming aficionado on Valentine’s Day.

  • Dice For Dinner

A roll of the dice adds an element of surprise to your dinner plans, creating an entertaining and lighthearted experience. With these funny boyfriend gifts ideas, you not only share a delicious meal but also infuse spontaneity and laughter into your Valentine’s Day celebration

  • Nobody Knows I’m Gay Heat Change Mug

Bring a touch of humor to his morning routine with the Nobody Knows I’m Gay Heat Change Mug. This clever and amusing mug reveals a playful message when filled with hot liquid, making it a delightful surprise every time he enjoys his favorite hot beverage.

Funny Coffee Mug for Boyfriend
Funny Coffee Mug for Boyfriend

  • Best Girlfriend Ever Pillow

Show your playful side with the “Best Girlfriend Ever” Pillow, a charming and funny addition to your boyfriend’s space. It’s a light-hearted way to express your love while embracing humor in funny gift ideas for boyfriend.

  • Toilet Timer Kit

This humorous device is designed to ensure he doesn’t spend too much time in the bathroom, complete with a timer and a reminder that “time is ticking.” 

  • Urinal Shot Glasses’

For a humorous and unconventional Valentine’s Day toast, consider gifting Urinal Shot Glasses. These uniquely shaped glasses add a humorous twist when you are both drinking together, creating a memorable and laugh-inducing moment.


In the realm of relationships, laughter is undoubtedly one of the most cherished and enduring bonds. These funny gift ideas for boyfriend presented for birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are more than just gifts; they’re the key to keeping the laughter rolling and the joy flowing.