Top 15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Preschoolers To Make

As Mother’s Day draws near, there is a sweet anticipation in witnessing the joy on a mother’s face when presented with a Mother’s Day gift made by the loving hands of her preschooler. That’s why the top 15 Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers aim to help kids craft meaningful tokens for their moms, encouraging creativity to foster developmental skills.

The Truth Behind Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating maternal love and the profound impact mothers have on our lives, holds a rich tapestry of history and sentiment. Beyond the flowers, cards, and Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers, lies a deeper truth about the origins and evolution of this cherished occasion.

History of Mother’s Day

The roots of Mother’s Day stretch back to ancient civilizations, where Greeks and Romans held festivals honoring motherhood. However, the modern concept we recognize today emerged in the early 20th century, largely thanks to the efforts of American activist Anna Jarvis. 

Inspired by her mother’s community work during the Civil War, Jarvis envisioned Mother’s Day as a personal and heartfelt occasion, advocating for handwritten notes and sincere gestures over commercialism. In 1914, the United States officially recognized Mother’s Day as a holiday, and Jarvis’s influence extended its celebration globally.

Giving Mother's Day Gift
Giving Mother’s Day Gift

The Tradition Of Gifting

The act of presenting gifts on Mother’s Day became a tangible way to convey gratitude and love for mothers. Flowers, often symbolic of beauty and love, became a popular choice. Greeting cards, with heartfelt messages penned by children and adults alike, further enriched the tradition. 

These gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers that added an endearing touch to the celebration. Handcrafted items, drawings, or small projects created by young children not only showcased their creativity but also became treasured keepsakes for mothers, embodying the purest expressions of love.

15 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Preschoolers To Make

As Mother’s Day approaches, there’s an enchanting opportunity for preschoolers to express their boundless creativity and love through homemade gift ideas for Mother’s Day that hold a special place in a mother’s heart. These creative Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers offer a delightful array of possibilities, transforming simple materials into meaningful tokens of affection.

Crafting Arts Ideas For Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, these Mothers Day gift ideas 2024 preschool provide an avenue for creative endeavors that go beyond traditional presents on Mother’s Day. In exploring these DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas, Custom Gifts UK delves into a world of possibilities where the act of creating becomes a cherished gift in itself.

  • Coffee Filter Flowers

Preschoolers can let their creativity bloom as they paint and decorate the filters, shaping them into beautiful floral arrangements. The result is not just a craft but a personalized bouquet that mirrors the unique style of each child.

  • Pom-pom Bouquet

A Pom-pom bouquet is a playful and tactile crafting project for Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers, that not only hones fine motor skills but also allows for endless combinations of colors and textures.

  • Painted Mason Jar Lantern

Transform a mason jar into a personalized lantern by letting preschoolers explore their artistic flair with vibrant colors and patterns. Adorned with LED tea lights, these Mother’s Day preschool gift ideas become both a decorative and functional piece, adding warmth to Mother’s Day celebrations.

  • Make A Flower Crown

Using simple materials like paper, faux flowers, and a touch of glue, children can create a floral masterpiece fit for a queen. This hands-on activity not only taps into their artistic abilities but also allows them to understand the joy of gifting mother’s day preschool gifts made with their own hands.

Flower Crown Ideas for Preschoolers
Flower Crown Ideas for Preschoolers

  • A Nature Suncatcher

In the context of Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers, this craft not only fosters an appreciation for nature but also provides mothers with a unique and personalized piece of art, showcasing their child’s creativity.

  • DIY Beaded Garden Ornaments

This activity allows children to string colorful beads onto wire or string, creating vibrant and whimsical mother’s day gifts preschool. These beaded gift for mom ideas on Mother’s Day can be hung in gardens or windows, adding a touch of charm to any space. 

  • Heart Flower

Crafting a heart flower is a sweet and simple project that preschoolers can undertake on preschool gift for Mother’s Day ideas. By cutting out heart shapes from colored paper and arranging them into a flower-like pattern, children create a visual representation of mother’s day gift ideas for kids.

Mother’s Day Card Ideas For Preschool

While gift ideas for Mother’s Day come in various forms, the significance of Mother’s Day cards should never be underrated. The sentiment behind Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers finds its purest expression in the artistry and heartfelt messages etched onto each carefully crafted card.

  • Birdhouse Cards

Crafted in the shape of charming birdhouses, these Mother’s Day homemade gift ideas for preschoolers feature vibrant colors, intricate details, and perhaps a cute paper bird perched on top. The simplicity of the design allows preschoolers to express their creativity while creating a delightful card that symbolizes home and warmth.

  • Stitched Paper Cards

Stitched paper cards showcase a tactile and artistic approach that preschoolers can use colorful yarn to create simple patterns or spell out words on cardstock. The combination of stitching and paper adds a unique texture to the card, making it a sensory experience.

  • Butterfly Handprint Card

This card involves tracing and cutting out the handprints of preschoolers, arranging them to resemble butterfly wings on a folded card. Alongside other Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers, these butterfly handprint cards become a cherished part of a thoughtful and loving gesture.

  • Tulip Card

Shaped like vibrant tulips, these preschool mother’s day gift ideas bring a splash of spring to Mother’s Day. The simplicity of the design allows for easy crafting while capturing the essence of nature’s beauty. 

Tulip Card for Mom
Tulip Card for Mom

  • Mom Photo Card

Crafted with love, the Mom Photo Card is a perfect Mother’s Day craft gift ideas for toddlers. By selecting a cherished photo with their moms and adding colorful drawings, these personalized cards will make their moms fall in love.

  • String Art cards

Instead of abstract patterns, children can use colorful strings to spell out sweet messages like “I love you” or “Best Mom.” This customization mother day ideas gift for her not only enhances fine motor skills but also adds a personal touch to each card.

  • Tissue Paper Flower Card

Crafting vibrant tissue paper flowers and affixing them to a card adds a burst of color and joy. These 3D Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers to make symbolize the blossoming love between a child and their mom. 

  • You Are My Sunshine Noodle Card

Crafting sun-shaped cards and decorating them with painted pasta noodles adds a unique touch to express love cheerfully.

Exciting Activities for Preschool on Mother’s Day

Beyond traditional Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers, activities that involve listening, reading, crafting, and learning can create memorable moments. 

  • Listen To History Of Mother’s Day

Begin the Mother’s Day celebration with an educational twist by listening to the history of Mother’s Day. Preschoolers can learn about the origins and significance of this special day, gaining a deeper understanding of love and appreciation.

  • Read Short Story About Mother’s Day

Pause at key moments to discuss emotions, ask questions, or encourage predictions. This interactive approach not only makes the storytelling session more dynamic but also fosters comprehension and emotional connection. 

Preschool Storytime
Preschool Storytime

  • Make Some Crafts

From handmade cards to simple crafts that convey love, these creations become precious Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers to make that mothers will treasure. 

  • Learn To Do Easy Household Chores

Introduce preschoolers to the world of simple household chores, transforming the experience into an opportunity to create meaningful gifts on Mother’s Day for Mom. Engaging in tasks like setting the table, arranging flowers, or tidying up spaces not only instills a sense of responsibility but also allows children to actively contribute to the Mother’s Day celebration. 


As we explore these imaginative and heartwarming Mother’s Day gift ideas, it becomes evident that Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers to make transcend mere tokens; they are cherished expressions of affection, weaving a tapestry of joy and appreciation on this special day.